Last week, 3rd and 4th grade students performed at La Sala Theatre to present different «sketches» in English in front of their families.

The process of creating this show began at the end of September. The teacher proposed 6 dialogues:

  • My favorite name
  • Meet a new student
  • Birthday party
  • The Missing Dog
  • Twin Sisters

Then, they made groups, decided which «sketch» they wanted to represent, and decided the characters that each member of the group would play.

A distinctive feature of each group is that they decided and wrote the ending.

Jornada de portes obertes

THEATRE is a new proposal of the school, whose objective is that the students:

Theatre is the ideal way for them to enjoy the English language and let their imagination run wild, as they have had fun dressing up and playing with the characters in each dialogue.

To sum up, we should bear in mind that the purpose of the dramatization is not a theatrical representation (obviously, it is important), but the main aim is to encourage creativity and to use it so that the students develop, above all, oral expression and autonomy.

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